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As a carer, you want your family member to be independent and fully supported so they can achieve the best quality of care.

And at ILV, we understand this. That’s why we have designed a new model of accessible living that provides comfortable, private and affordable homes for people with complex needs.

Our SDA homes are suited for people with high support needs and extreme functional impairment, and are built to the highest quality standards.

Here’s what Michelle, Connor’s Mum, said about our homes.

What types of SDA accommodation do ILV provide?


ILV has designed private apartments around shared communal facilities in accommodation complexes that meet the following SDA design standards to support your family member. They even allow you to live together as a family if you chose to.

Improved Livability

Silver standard housing that incorporates a reasonable level of physical access and enhanced provision for people with sensory, intellectual or cognitive impairment.

Fully Accessible

Platinum standard housing that incorporates a high level of physical access provision for people with significant physical impairment.

High Support Needs

Provides a very high-level physical access, for example, have wider than usual door openings.

Robust Construction

Housing that incorporates a high level of physical access provision and is very resilient, reducing the likelihood of reactive maintenance and reducing the risk to the resident and the community.

Homes to Enjoy and Share

ILV Homes are built for your loved ones to enjoy independence and freedom, while being supported by their choice of provider – on-site or visiting daily everyday.

We also offer 1 and 2 bedroom apartments that allow you to live together as a family while still enjoying the benefits of accessible, supported SDA home.

So you can find a place you can call home together.

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