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Find Your Place to Call Home

Are you looking for your own place?

A place you can choose to call home.

A place that is accessible, private and meets all your needs.

Somewhere you can share with family and friends or just enjoy the space and quiet for yourself.

ILV Specialist Disability Homes are designed to give you a comfortable, secure home you will love.

Our SDA homes are built to accessible design and industry standards so you can live with choice, freedom and independence.

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

 SDA homes are purpose designed for people with complex needs who want to live with independence but cannot do so in a normal home. SDA homes are NDIS approved, and only available to people who have specialist disability accommodation (SDA) on their NDIS plan. To qualify for SDA you must be able to demonstrate extreme functional impairment or very high support needs.

What is Extreme Functional Impairment?

Extreme functional impairment means even with appropriate home modifications and/or assistive technologies, you still need a high level of in-home support for daily activities such as:

  • getting in and out of bed,
  • getting dressed,
  • moving around,
  • preparing meals
  • accessing the community

What is Very High Support Needs?

Very High Support Needs means that:

  • your ‘informal supports’ (people who help you but don’t get paid for their help, often family or friends) can’t meet your personal care needs
  • You have spent a long time in a group home or residential aged care (this includes people who already live in Shared Supported Accommodation / Group Homes / your people living in nursing homes etc.)
  • You use behaviours that pose a risk to yourself or others.

What an ILV Home Offers You


Our SDA homes have been developed in consultation with people with disabilities and support coordinators to
allow you to live with freedom and independence.

Private Self Contained Apartments


  • 1 or 2 bedroom apartments
  • Individual private units with:
    • Living area
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom

All designed so you can enjoy your own space.

Accessible Features


Fully accessible apartments are designed with:

  • lowered kitchen benches,
  • accessible bathrooms
  • easy to access powerpoints

All designed to meet your needs and higher switches designed for your needs.


Comfortable, high quality living


  • High quality finishes
  • Built to home building industry standards
    • Modern, clean designs
    • Plenty of space and storage
  • Enjoy the security of your own home.

Communal Spaces


Each of our homes has a number of communal spaces where you can enjoy time with family, friends and other residents.

  • Communal kitchen
  • Shared living spaces
  • Gardens and outdoor areas

All designed to enjoy the outdoors and the company of others.


Get The Support You Need


SDA is the home you live in and you will need to choose and appoint a separate support provider for your everyday needs.

To live in an ILV SDA home you will need Supported Independent Living (SIL), which is the assistance you need to support you everyday. It includes physical supports like helping you get in and out of bed and the other things you need help form others for as well as keeping people safe.

Do you have SDA in your NDIS plan? You can express your interest today.