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How ILV Supports You To Achieve SDA For Your Client


Finding your client an SDA home they can call their own can be challenging.

So at ILV, we’re much more than a registered SDA housing provider, we’re your partner to help you get through the SDA process for your client.

We understand the SDA application process and can offer you information and advice to help you help your clients.

The SDA Process for an ILV Home Application


We’ve worked closely with people with disabilities, their families and the NDIS to redefine specialist disability accommodation, and ensure that our private apartments meet the standards required for sliver improved accessibility and platinum fully accessible. Here’s a step by step approach to guide your client on the application process.

Step 1: Identify Housing Needs

Review your client’s need for housing against the SDA requirements of extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. ILV homes have been designed to meet SDA design categories of Improved Livability, Fully Accessible, High Physical Support and Robust construction, to match with your client’s housing needs.

Step 2: SDA Assessment

During the SDA process, you or your client will be required to complete several assessments including activities of daily living, general living skills, mobility and functional assessments, home needs analysis and in some cases sensory and behavioural assessments.

In addition to the assessments, consideration and recommendation is given to the type of housing required (private apartments, duplexes, group homes or other), the location and the level of support required. ILV can support you during the SDA assessment process, and recommend other contacts as required.

Step 3: NDIS Assessment & Funding Approval

Once the SDA application has been submitted, your client’s needs for housing are assessed by a special NDIS Review Committee and a SDA design category will be approved.

Step 4: Find Your Client A Place To Call Home

When your client receives their NDIS approval for SDA, ILV can allocate a space in their chosen home. Once their support service arrangements are confirmed we can arrange a move in date.

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To make the SDA qualification and application process smoother for you and your client we’ve put together some checklists and a Housing Needs template to guide you. To receive an information pack simply complete the form below.