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Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Your Place to Call Home

Welcome to Independent Living Villages (ILV)

We are a registered charity and NDIS provider of purpose designed SDA homes for people with complex needs to live with choice, freedom and independence.

We’re not just where you live, we’re the place you call home.

The place you get to enjoy your own space in your private apartment.

The space you enjoy with family and friends.

The place where you can connect with fellow residents in shared areas.

The space to live your life as you choose.

How ILV helps Support Coordinators with SDA for their clients

Are you a support coordinator looking for accommodation for a NDIS participant?

If you want to find a place for someone to call home, then get in touch by requesting a call below and we’ll call you back.

We can help you understand whether they qualify for SDA and provide guidance on navigating the SDA application process.

Are you an NDIS Participant or Carer and want to find out more?

If you or your family member have SDA in your plans then you can express interest in an ILV private apartment at one of our Sydney locations in the West and South West of Sydney.

You can view more about an ILV home here.

The first step is to assess whether you qualify.

Why Choose an ILV SDA home?


We’ve worked closely with people with disabilities, support coordinators and the NIDS to redefine specialist disability accommodation, giving you the freedom to live as you choose.

Private Accommodation

Each home is an individual apartment, with a kitchen and living space for privacy, plus access to communal space to enjoy the company of others.

Accessible Living

ILV homes have been designed to meet Improved Access and Fully Accessible SDA standards. Find our more here

High Quality

We believe that everyone is entitled to a comfortable, secure home and have developed our homes meet high quality standards.

Live with Family

Our homes are 1 or 2 bedroom apartments that allow you to live with your family, which is not usual for accessible living.

How Can I Apply for an ILV Home?

Do I qualify?

You need to have SDA in your NDIS plan and meet certain criteria to apply for funding for a SDA home. You can find out more here.

Express Your Interest

If you qualify for SDA, you can express your interest by completing this form and submitting to ILV.

How It Works

Independent Living Villages uses the Specialist Disability Accommodation payments you are entitled to, to fund a purpose built home for you.

What Our Residents Say

“The perfect place….
It makes it everything accessible for anyone with any sort of disability.”


What’s New

Understanding Eligibility for SDA

Are you being challenged in finding your client SDA accommodation and getting SDA into their NDIS plans?  You’re not alone. Securing SDA in the plan and then finding a home can be complex and difficult, that’s why we’ve put together an information pack to help...

Blackheath Homes

The ILV Blackheath SDA Apartments Complex is developing well and is on track for opening in the next few months. With 9 homes ranging from improved livability to fully accessible, we are now taking expressions of interest for these SDA approved properties in a...

Werrington Residents Move In

Werrington is now open and our first residents are moving in and finding their place to call home. We're delighted to be able to provide 16 SDA homes in Werrington, allowing people with complex needs to live with independence and freedom. If you want to express an...

Find out if you qualify to apply for an ILV SDA home.

Got a question related to SDA and disability housing?

Connect with us on our Facebook Page, ask a question or send us a private message and we’ll be there to answer your question.   Click here to connect.