Independent Living Villages is a registered charity with full Deductible Gift Recipient status established for the purpose of providing homes for people with significant functional impairment and/or very high support needs because of their disability.

The benefits of the Independent Living Villages structure are:

  • An exceptionally experienced board of directors
  • The structure does not attract any government taxes
  • It is a not for profit entity
  • There are no dividends paid out
  • All surpluses are retained within the Charity
  • Separate bank accounts are established for each project
  • In the unlikely event of winding up, Independent Living Villages’s Constitution protects residents by providing for all assets to be transferred to another charitable entity with the same of similar purposes.

The directors of Independent Living Villages are all highly qualified with significant sector experience:

Lindsay Kelly

Having lived with three generations of family with different disabilities, Lindsay has witnessed best possible living outcomes because of the warm embracement of supports in stable homes.

More than two decades ago whilst a corporate executive, he commenced his involvement as a volunteer in the rapidly growing community housing sector. He became a thought-leader when the sector evolved through accreditation, then registration, and then managing growth. He was a co-author of the 2007 NSW growth strategy for community housing.

During these times Lindsay committed himself to a personal vision of secure housing being one of the most important foundations for the disadvantaged to get back on their feet.

More recently he was a non-executive director and then an executive in the highly respected Link Housing Ltd, a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider in northern Sydney.

The birth of the charity Independent Living Villages Ltd (ILV), resulted from the recognition by the NDIS that purpose-designed homes for people with disabilities was an essential requirement for those with extreme functional impairment and/or requiring very high support needs.

Lindsay’s though-leadership in specialised housing continues with ILV.

Ros Johnson

Ros Johnson has been worked with children and adults with a disability as a Speech Pathologist and as a Manager of Community Health Services providing community nursing, counselling, therapy services and mental health services to people in western Sydney. Working in the NSW Department of Health, Ros was involved in the planning of health services to meet the needs of local communities and as a Senior Executive was responsible for the planning and oversight of maternity and child and family health services in NSW and providing advice to Government. Ros has served on national committees on health issues and as a consultant has been involved in clinical planning for health services and infrastructure planning for health facilities. Ros has seen the importance of a supportive environment and appropriate housing to health of people.

Ros has been a Board member of Not for Profit organisations for over 30 years including charities involved in Youth Health and community (affordable) housing. Her involvement with ILV stems from her recognition of the importance of secure, affordable, appropriate housing to the health and wellbeing of people with a disability and the limited options currently available.

Wayne Wanders has significant finance and property experience, including being the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of businesses listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Wayne has also had personal family experience in housing people with disabilities.

Louise Vlatko 

Louise has over 30 years’ experience in the property & construction industry in a myriad of roles from sub-contracting through to Client-side delivery and operations. She has a demonstrated expertise in Cost, Commercial and Project Management on projects in Australia and internationally, using a variety of procurement methods with complex contractual obligations all the while maintaining empathetic stakeholder engagement whilst in leadership roles for government, private and not-for-profit sector clients.

Almost twenty years ago after a near tragedy from the birth of her second child and a lengthy stay in a newborns intensive care ward, Louise started her journey in volunteering and giving back. Whilst serving on national committees and boards in a volunteer capacity on property and construction professional ethics, fund-raising for several ‘for purpose’ organisations and continues in her role as a management consultant in property & construction, Louise understands and is committed to collaborating and applying her extensive experience in creating innovative, purpose-built, value-for-money homes for the most vulnerable in the community.

Stella Boyle is an experienced project finance advisor devoted to helping people facing significant challenges in life. She has extensive presence in both the disability sector as well as the business community.

Stella is National Manager Mergers & Acquisitions Health and Not-for-Profits at PwC.

Kerry Ross has a clinical background in speech pathology and is an experienced Project Director with demonstrated skills in strategic planning and project delivery in both the public and private sectors.